Apart from the best wine, Kangaroos, and those swanky ugg boots, now Australia is familiar for hotshot Kaftans as well. Kaftans dresses in Australia has become so popular that you can find them in any corner of this cheerful country. They not just add a grace to your personality but somehow spice up your overall appearance with a contemporary touch.

Kaftan Mania-

The craze of this dress is quite high, these days. Almost no women are untouched by this new fashion evolution. Kaftans- originated from Morocco, now making people crazy from all over the world, have become a highly preferred outfit in the market. Be it a nightgown or a party dress, Kaftans are all over the place, especially in Australia. Every second woman in Australia owns this wonderful outfit in her wardrobe and considers it her favorite dress out of all. And what’s the reason, well clearly its comfort and look.

This mania for wearing Kaftans has gone so viral that now buying kaftans online in Australia have become possible. Not only this, but there are many online platforms which deal with a range of Kaftans only. Online stores like- Ajaai and Kaftans queen are some of the renowned among them all.

How much a kaftan cost you? 

Well, if you’ll ask for a defined price then it’s hard to tell. After Morocco, Kaftans are loved by Aussie women the most. The Australian range of Kaftans is completely different from the original one which was eventually given the world a new definition of wearing this dress piece.

Undoubtedly, a Kaftan starts with a price of AUD $10 and its maximum price can be anything you wish or think of. Yes, that’s true. The reason behind fluctuating amount of Kaftan is region, country, fabric, designing, patterns, printing, colours and additional accessories.

The Kaftan Queen-

Camilla- The new hot gossip of Australia also known as the ‘Kaftan Queen,’ somehow is the reason behind Australia’s craze for Kaftans. Some years ago, she came up with a range of exotically designed Kaftans which were designed completely with a new concept. In original, Kaftans are meant to display a sign of royalty and lavish dress sense, but to this, Camilla added a contemporary or very vivacious touch to her range of Kaftans.

And fortunately, within few years, she became one reason behind gearing up the craze of Kaftans among the young hot chicks who whole-heartedly expressed immense love for her collection. With this, many other platforms introduced somehow the same collections including- African prints and much more.

The final word-

Australia has countless garment markets where you can easily find this iconic dress called as Kaftans. It’s quite hard to come up with an appropriate price for this outfit, as its actual cost completely relies upon the fabric, size, designing, brand and the colours. Apart from this, there are different factors including region or country which may fluctuate the Kaftans price. Still, to get it at a reasonable price, I suggest hunting different markets, so to have a good margin in the price.