VTech is the world’s number one supplier of electronic learning toys, for kids between infancy through to toddlers, and preschools in the U.S and the world at large. Having shipped 63 million products to 92 countries around the world, in 31 languages in the 2017 financial year, VTech has become the most sought-after contract manufacturing service in the world. They combine proven technology with creativity to develop products that drive up the company’s growth.

Established in 1976, VTech has been the recognized leader in electronic learning toy manufacturing. Today, it is privileged to connect with millions of children every day with their exceptional products. They applying advanced educational expertise and a heritage of cutting-edge innovation to inspire and nature your child’s life. Their innovation flows from the strength of the workplace culture.

VTech is a group of approximately 27,000 experts working round the clock in operations across 13 countries and regions. This R&D professionals form a network that makes it possible to create innovative designs that use the fast growing digital information world to develop key drivers of success and fun. This integration has helped boost the broad product portfolio and the greater manufacturing scale that has enhanced the larger geographical footprint that allows VTech to go beyond language and cultural differences.

VTech believes that the speed at which our children grow should be complemented with world class education relevant for their ages while maintaining the strong element of fun to play an important role in the future success of your child. Since all work without play makes Jack a dull boy, VTech has refined their designs to put all focus on giving every child a memorable learning experience by providing fun toys designed with a learning curve.

VTech was established to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality products while minimizing the impact on the environment. Their briefcases of strong brands create value for their community of clients and the educational society at large. The company’s growth has empowered their staff to assess the products that they release before they hit the market. VTech does not endorse any vendor of their raw materials, without doing extensive research on the technology used and safety.

VTechs leadership in the industry has been recognized by some of the biggest and most demanding preschools in the planet. Through its headquarters in Hong Kong and a state of the art manufacturing facility in mainland China, VTech is expected to accomplish great things by building the world’s leader in electronic learning. They have invested significantly in R&D to keep up with the latest market trends and curriculum changes. Some of their recent toys include Vtech Hippo Teether and Vtech Monkey Drum.

Their industry leading agreements allow them to be exceptionally reliable to education centers before and after the delivery of their products. They always are ready to help and serve as full-time partners to the success of your child. Offering this standard of customer support is the beginning of a commitment to grow with your child. VTech offers more than just expert and friendly service, its complex business practices refined for over 40 years. VTech is creativity and innovation mixed to produce products that enhance your child’s life. Their products are the best fit and offer the best value to any child and school.

Source: Vtech Company Profile & Why is outdoor play important in the early years?