When it comes to buying rotary tools online, a high majority of people look at Dremel. At present, it is not just a brand but has become more of a family that has been catering to all our tools requirements.

About Dremel-

Unearthed in 1934, Dremel has been manufacturing & delivering world-class & solid proof rotary tools which have proved to be beneficial for almost every factory type. Since ages, they have been coming up with latest designs of almost all the power and rotary tools types proficiently.

These tools are generally used by the mold makers. Be it any culinary mold or a mechanical machine mold, these tools are efficient enough to fulfill all types of requirements. Though it is an American based brand, but because of its rising popularity, Dremel is serving in overseas as well.

Undoubtedly, there are countless other brands too but Dremel tools have their own identity. And they are renowned for that extra efficient power, easy accessibility, and handy designs.

History of Dremel-

The idea of coming up with unique rotary and power tools came from Albert J. Dremel. Later when he recognized the value of this idea, he founded Dremel Company officially in 1932. Initially, he settled his business at Racine, Wisconsin. Later, due to some unfavorable conditions, Dremel couldn’t continue running the business thus Robert Bosch GmbH purchased it from Albert J. Dremel in 1993. This was the year when Dremel took a new path of innovation and came up with a new series of rotary tools.

At present, this company has two divisions one is being run by Albert J. Dremel which is known as Dremel Europe whereas another one is being operated by Robert Bosch GmbH under the name of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation which is situated in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Dremel Europe looks all the operations of the Middle East and Africa. As of now, their headquarters are located in Breda, Netherlands. From past few years, this division of Dremel group has started manufacturing a new range of products including different accessories and attachments for the rotary and power tools. This is something which has not yet introduced by another division of the same business group.

Apart from this, Dremel Europe has come up with other products too including- butane tools, bench tops, oscillating tools and hand-held saws. These products are completely new in the market which of course is luring the targeted audiences a lot.

Currently, they are delivering their products to more than 36 countries and all these tools are manufactured in Netherlands (at the headquarters). With its rising success, it has been witnessed that Dremel has already taken up to 80% of the tools market share. And this became possible due to the versatile tools manufacturing which can perform- routing, cleaning, polishing, cutting, grinding and sharpening at the same time.

Recently Dremel has celebrated its 85th birthday successfully and has taken a resolution to come up with even more innovative tools to facilitate all kinds of tool requirements. And this is what makes them superior to the other brands.