Established in the year 1996, Melbourne IT Limited is an esteemed Australian based Internet company, registered on the Australian Securities Exchange. The nucleus operation of the company is domain name registration. Additionally, provide offshore email and hosting solutions, along with digital marketing services.

The Figure of Profit Is on the Surge

Since its establishment, the company’s profit-earning have seen a tremendous upswing, with 4.5 million AUD profit on the annual revenue of 60 million AUD for the year 2004. Moreover, this number is soaring at a significant rate with every passing financial year.

The Business of the Company

Over the years, owing to company’s active acquisition policy, Melbourne IT Limited is now operating in several European nations, especially after obtaining Cogent, a multinational internet service provider based in the United States.

A London based company; IDR Management Services also helped Melbourne IT Limited to spread its wings worldwide. At present, Melbourne IT Limited has four offices in different parts of the world.

Diversifying Its Core Services

This is the reason company survived the economic fallout during the first decade of 21st century. Ranked fifth on the list of top of domain name registrar in the world, and no.1 in Australia, the company has always been in look to multiply its revenue streams by diversifying its services, and reduce depending on domain registration business.

In the year 2004, Melbourne IT Limited acquired WebCentral, one of Australia’s biggest web hosting companies, and in 2008, VeriSign DBMS for US$50m.

What Paved Way for Their Glorious Future?

If there is one single reason for the success of the company on the global stage, then it is all because of their motto of helping people in every nook and corner of the world to start a business online (or have an online presence). Their cloud-based solutions have fuelled many businesses in and around the Australian territory to realise their goals.

The breath of company’s IT solutions range from providing an online presence to small business, critical web hosting,  online brand protection and promotion, managed cloud and security solutions and managing the complex technology landscape of both big businesses and government institutions, and much more.

The Unsung Heroes of the Company

 Behind every successful company, the biggest contributor is its workforce, those who work day and night in the backend to script a success story for their company. And, the same goes for Melbourne IT Limited, where every individual worked dedicated for company’s success. The atmosphere is integrating, innovating, collaborating.

Company’s Performance Since 2016

The Company reported a great 12.1% increase in consolidated revenue during the year ended 31 December 2016, from $150,256,000 to $168,436,000. The company enjoyed continued strong operating cash flows, with $14302, 000 of cash flows. Additionally, the cash balance of $16,426,000mas at 31 December 2016 shows the strength of their balance sheet.

At the End of It All

From the above, it’s quite clear, that the company has excelled financially since January 2016. So, if you are looking for the best domain name registration deals, check out Melbourne IT Limited.